Door guards for finger injury protection.

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Finger-Gards are door hardware shields that protect fingers from getting caught in the hinge side of closing doors.

The Danger Zone

Finger-Gards cover the Danger Zone so that fingers are protected.

The Danger Zone is the void on the hinge side of a door where children’s fingers can be seriously injured.

Finger-Gard brand is the leading U.S. manufacturer of door guards for childcare centers, recreation centers, community centers, doctor’s offices, and hundreds of other schools in the U.S. and internationally.

Our Solution

These accidents are preventable by properly installed Finger-Gards on both the PUSH and PULL sides of the door.

PUSH side: The side of the door where you push the door away from you to open it.
PULL side: The side of the door where you pull the door toward you to open it.



The fingers of those care for.


Meets the government insurance and safety requirements.

Saves Money

Reduces insurance premiums.

Our Customers

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